A folding hammock designed to be an everyday backpack.

Nomad Hammock is the new concept that combines two different uses in a single product:
A comfortable hammock and a practical backpack, in one.

They are talking about us:


When we first thought of the Nomad Hammock, we immediately imagined a product that could be used within different frameworks and situations of our daily life.

Nomad Hammock is ideal for completing your experience, whether in a city park or during a weekend in contact with nature.
The functional backpack with its minimalistic design can hold all the things you need, knowing that a comfortable hammock to expand your experience is with you at all times.


A practical backpack with a minimalistic design. The CORDURA® material lends resistance to wear – ideal for everyday city life or for outdoor activities.

Back and shoulder straps in mesh provide ventilation, while adjustable straps and zip pockets help you configure the backpacking as you like.

With a capacity of about 20L, you can take everything you need for your outdoor nomadic experience or, more simply, the backpack can accompany you throughout your work or study day in the city. A rain cover is available for rainy days.

 50 (H) X 30 (W) x 15 (L) (cm) 

 19,6” (H) x 11,8” (W) x 5,9” (L) (inch)


 1800 gr /3.9 lbs

Including suspension straps

Breathable air mesh shoulder straps and back panel.

External Mesh Pocketing.


A comfortable hammock, quick and easy to put up and adjust.
The high degree of elasticity of the net (Body Adaptive Mesh) is a real revolution, exclusively for Nomad Hammock. It is soft to the touch, stretchy and breathable and adapts to the shape of the body, ensuring full sitting or hammocking comfort.

A practical bag (Smart Bag), designed specifically to hold the items contained in the backpack, can be removed and hung on a hook provided for the purpose.

The strap adjustment system (Suspension Straps) allows different seating/hammocking configurations. Converting from Hammock to Backpack (and vice versa) is practical and fast, facilitated by an intuitive system of fastenings with Velcro® in matching colors that ensures each part is coupled correctly.

Nomad Hammock - Everyday Backpack

2 m (H) X 1m (W)
78.7” (H) x 39.3 ”(W)

Max 2 m / 78,7” (inch)

We recommend a max. weight of 120 kg / 264 lbs.
Use: Single person

Unfolded 400 (cm) / 157,5” (inch)
Folded: 4 x 2(cm) / 1,6” x 0,8” (inch)

4 – 7,50 m/ 13,1 – 24,6 ft


CORDURA®1000 for advanced durability.
Color Black.

It’s soft to the touch, stretchy and breathable and adapts to the shape of the body.
Color Black.

SMART BAG :  Nylon

COVER RAIN : Water resistant, Nylon.
Color Black.

SUSPENSION STRAPS : SeatBelt fabrics


These days it seems that many people choose to live moments of their life that they can then record digitally and instantly share on one social platform or another.
Despite this cultural and social drift, we believe something is going to change in the near future.
We want to emerge with this clear vision in order to facilitate our connection with the present moment in everyday life.
Nomad Hammock is the first product experience that has been conceived according to this vision.

Designed in the Dolomites.


First of all, we want to thank you for your interest in our project.
It was crucial for us to test the marketability of this concept and being present on Kickstarter was fundamental within this process.

We are two friends and we put a lot of attention and dedication to this project, our studio has been able to conceive a product completely tested and engineered which is technically ready to be industrialized.

Go to market requires a lot resources than what we have available.
For this reasons, we have decided to cancel the crowdfunding campaign.
Our focus now is to find a partner who can believe in this project and would be able to present it on the market with more strength than we can offer.

We are listening you  – Let’s talk@nomadhammock.com

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